Sakeena support programs:

Orphans who lack foster care leave the support program at an early stage in their lives which does not ensure a stable life for them concerning shelter, food, education and employment that should give the orphans the feeling of importance in the community. Furthermore, a lot of these orphans lose on the opportunity to be a part of a social welcomed embrace, and the necessary life skills for their success and excellence. Through the social support network, Sakeena provides a series of programs specialized in content and execution within concise processes that ensure delivery to its beneficiaries that is assigned to each and every case based on a thorough evaluation.

These programs include:

Basic support:

Help orphans and care leavers in meeting basic needs; food and shelter;
Most orphans lack shelter that protects them from the scorching heat of the sun and the excruciating life-threatening cold. Each year, hundreds of critical cases approach Sakeena in need of an institutional and local communal interference to provide them with the needed shelter. Most of these orphans suffer from anemia and malnutrition due to the fact that they lack proper food and the right diet. Sakeena works to provide food, shelter and education for them, as well as enhancing their capabilities and talents in order for them to be able to communicate in a better image with the surrounding community, which also supports the local and institutional community.

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Provide academic and vocational training and education on a case-by-case basis.
Sakeena is determined to create a stable life for orphans through providing them with education at the primary and secondary levels, which enables the youth to continue on with their careers and empowers them to become good, successful and accomplished citizens.

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Skills Development:

Provide life skills and confidence building skills, effective integration into society;
Sakeena fulfills an orphan’s character with living skills to its maximum especially when that is related to a person’s capability to sustain their success and the preservation of moral and cognitive gains.

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Social Support:

Provide social and psychological help;
What matters most to orphans who lack foster care is psychosocial support through providing the needed support to the young customized to his/her respective case while looking out for their best interest, which entails giving good advice when needed, strengthening their ability to trust others and encouraging them to communicate with their surrounding community in the best way.

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Emergency support:

Unexpected and unfortunate  medical situation / Humanly incident that approach Sakeena are treated through members of the civil society for immediate care and support to aid handling those emergency cases with a well curable plan.

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Partner up with Sakeena’s Relief Program to provide food, shelter and education for orphans

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