About Sakeena

Sakeena is a non-governmental, charitable, organization for orphans in Jordan. Our vision is to empower all orphans to enjoy life as an equal member of society.

The Situation:

Orphans, who are deprived from family ties in care centers or who have graduated from these centers, face various problems in Jordanian society. Most orphans are subject to severe physical and psychological abuse in addition to being neglected. As a result the majority of the graduates of these care centers are illiterate at the age of eighteen and suffer from various psychological problems for various reasons.
The problem does not stop at the individual level, however. While the state guarantees housing and care for orphans until the age of eighteen, care leavers are left to their own devices after they become ‘adults’.
Furthermore, as Jordanian society is structured around family units, being without a family makes life incredibly difficult. Most Jordanian men and women stay with their parents until they get married. It is the family, as opposed to the state, to which most Jordanian citizens turn when they have a problem. In this social context to be left without familial support at the age of 18 makes life extremely hard, if not almost impossible.
In addition, there are a lot of stereotypes and discrimination against orphans. Most Jordanians have no problem admitting that ‘they would never consent’ to their offspring marrying an orphan. Many people do not want care leavers to work for them or to rent their properties. It is difficult enough for a Jordanian to find a job at a time of economic crises, it is even harder for care leavers who lack networks and ‘wasta’ and do not have the familial safety-net to fall back onto.
As a result upon graduating from orphanages, most care leavers have great difficulty in finding jobs and housing. Having no resources of their own, this forces many graduated orphans to live on the streets, resort to petty crime or to prostitution. A study has shown that within the first year of leaving orphanages, 10% of all care leavers in Jordan attempt to commit suicide.
Orphanage care leavers thus face various problems. Firstly, they are in dire need of economic assistance. Moreover, they require housing and access to the labor market. In addition, many suffer from severe psychological problems which require immediate professional attention. On a societal level, orphans face legal and social discrimination..

Sakeena’s Objectives

  • Expanding Sakeena effluence to include as many orphans as possible inside and outside of the care shelters.

  • Expand  the community’s cooperation to include all sectors.

  • Qualifying as many orphans as possible in the program and supporting them mentally, socially, and educationally.

  • to Increase General Assembly  members .

  • Enlarge Sakeena’s program inside care shelters.

Our Values and Approach

Respect: to build  relationships on mutual respect on both levels at the same time individuals and organizations

Integrity: to refuse any behavior that is considered against the law or that defies the organization’s reputation

Professionalism: Executing tasks and duties with the utmost effectiveness and competence.

Creativity: Produce innovative ideas with the maximum level of developing solutions that fit the scope socially.

  • We work extremely professionally, confidentiality   to empowered youth’s orphans.

  • Our main goal are orphan children and youth, which is why we always seek to provide the most remarkable services to achieve their goals and aspirations through the best practical solutions.

  • Achieving social justice is what we thrive for by channeling decisions and tips to effective processes and practical applications.


  • Shortage in financing and support to cover the program’s expenses.

  • The increasing number of graduating orphans and their need for rehabilitation programs.

  • Shortage of staff.

  • The lack of transportation for the organization.

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